Lesson 4 - What is the Facebook Pixel?

In this video, you will learn what is the Facebook Pixel. 

The Facebook Pixel was introduced in 2017 as a universal tracking code, and it replaces the older customer conversion and retargeting codes. 

With the Facebook Pixel, you can build custom conversions, custom audiences, retargeting campaigns and build better ads overall. 

Watch this video for an introduction the Facebook Pixel and also a live demo on the installation of the Pixel. 


After you learn what is the Facebook Pixel, I recommend you do the following things as an exercise.

- Go to your Facebook Ads account, go to Events Manager - Pixels and copy the Pixel Code.

- Paste your Pixel code on your website, landing page or e-Commerce store. 

- Install the Facebook Pixel Helped Chrome Plugin and check if the Pixel is loading on your website. 

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